Richard J. Plevin, Ph.D.

Research Scientist / Software Engineer / Modeler / Consultant

Please feel free to contact me (rich at this website's domain) for assistance with using pygcam, setting up Monte Carlo simulations with GCAM on Linux clusters, or generally with GCAM modeling efforts.


PhD (2010), Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley

MS (2006), Energy and Resources Group, UC Berkeley

MS (1982), Computer Science, Yale University

BS (1981), Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, SUNY Albany


National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow (2006-2009)

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I was a software engineer in my first career, working on Wall Street in the eighties, in Silicon Valley in the early nineties, and in the non-profit sector in the late nineties through 2003. I returned to graduate school in 2004, focusing on sustainable uses of bioenergy. After completing my Ph.D. in 2010, I was employed as a Research Engineer at the Institutes of Transportation Studies at UC Berkeley (2010–2014, and 2016–2019) and at UC Davis' from 2014–2016. In addition, I have consulted for various national labs, regulatory agencies, environmental organizations, and commercial entities on matters related to bioenergy, life cycle assessment, carbon accounting, and land-use change. I left academia in 2019 and continue my work as a consultant.